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An Expansive Quest
Blowfish was seeking growth in their overall audience and heightened awareness for their ongoing video game releases. Given our new client was located over 15,000km away and 16 hours ahead, they gave us 6 months to prove our value and make the relationship work seamlessly as a digital partner. It was our goal to find the balance between ground level impact and moving the needle for their business.
We developed a multifaceted strategy that could address their unique goals and needless to say, our quest for Blowfish was expansive. Through organic and paid social advertising we maximized our opportunities for social growth and targeted traffic for Blowfish.
We created and managed over 72 unique pieces of content covering over 10 unique video game releases, generating over 11.5M targeted impressions and more than 200K link clicks directly to their website or point of sale. We also brought in over 1,500 new email subscribers that can be re-targeted for months and years to come. We saw substantial growth across all social channels, most notably Instagram - where we drove 4X audience growth and received thousands of comments from Blowfish fans across the globe. On a weekly basis, we reached up to 500k unique users across key markets for Blowfish including North America, Europe and Australia. Of all the content produced, Micro-Videos were the top performing asset - resulting in 2-4X higher social conversion when compared to the standard image or photo.

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