Swiss Chalet

65 years ago, Swiss Chalet first opened its doors in Toronto, Ontario

A Cornerstone of Canadian Cuisine
Throughout those 65 years, they built a large following and established themselves as a cornerstone of Canadian cuisine. With over 200 restaurants and millions of happy customers later, they were ready to celebrate. What better way to celebrate 65 great years in business than a $6.50 meal deal?
we wanted to build on the idea of family, and how meals bring people together. We reached out to 8 different food-lovers and asked them to share their experiences and thoughts about Swiss Chalet with their followers to spark a conversation recounting their favourite childhood meals or treasured trips with their family, inspiring a new generation to continue that tradition.
In total, the campaign reached over 700,000 people. That’s almost 2% of the entire population of Canada! With over 8700 likes and 1150 comments, the love that Canadians have for Swiss Chalet is very clear.

results you can count on.

happy customers
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