25 years in the making

For the past 25 years, Canada had been denied a championship in any major sports league. When the Raptor’s historic run began, the whole country took notice, with 37 cities opening their own “Jurassic Park” for the finals. There were viewing parties in Mexico, the Phillipines, China, and Japan. The whole world was buzzing to see the Warrior’s dynasty crumble, and we capitalized on that. Working quickly, we were able to get the video up on social networks before tip-off in Game 5 - the most anticipated game of the series. Across social channels, we received 1,000,000 views, thousands of comments and likes, and over 6000 shares. It also got picked up and shared by multiple news outlets, including the Huffington Post, BlogTO, AOL, and MSN. By taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we created a video for the whole country to rally around.

Project Statistics

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1,000,000 +
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over 6,000

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